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Room on the Broom


Witch Flying With Wand 5.2

Witch is a warm-hearted, friendly woman. She loves to travel across the sky on her whimsical broomstick and invent new and wonderful potions to make her life with Cat more magical. She has a delightfully positive attitude, welcoming animals in need to join her on her broom, providing them with the loving family they long for.

Having the occasional absent-minded moment, Witch has a tendency to lose her belongings, but being so loved across the land, she is never short of a helping hand to retrieve them.


Cat And Cone 5.2

Cat is Witch’s longest and most treasured friend. A trusted, yet little overprotective, companion who is always looking out for her. He loves to have fun and soar across the sky on wild, broomstick adventures.

Cat is all too familiar with Witch’s somewhat scatterbrain tendencies, so when Witch welcomes new animals on to the broom, he is cautious and unwelcoming. However, when the new arrivals help him save Witch from being eaten, Cat learns to appreciate the value of friendship and family.


Dog Smiling 5.2

Incessantly happy and enthusiastic, Dog is an adorable animal who is simply in search of a warm and loving family. He is eager to please and delighted to help anyone in need, especially Witch, who has shown him such kindness.

Being allowed to ride on the broomstick is a dream come true for Dog and he joins the pair on their travels with such joy and gratitude. He looks up to Cat like an older brother, despite Cat’s initially cold and unfriendly treatment.


For A Bird Like Me 5.2

Bird has forever been the outcast amongst her peers due to her unique green feathers and unusual appearance. Growing up in a flock of blackbirds, she has experienced a lifetime of rejection and loneliness. Much like the lovable Dog, Bird is polite and kind at heart, and is merely looking for a gentle and caring family to take her in.

When Witch’s bow lands upon her nest, Bird will stop at nothing to safely return it, with the desperate hope that a new family awaits… one that will love and accept her as she is.  


Frog Straightening Reed 5.2

Obsessed with cleanliness and organisation, Frog longs for a home outside of the swamp and away from his foul-smelling, unpleasant neighbours. He is sick to death of hopping through filthy mud pools and enduring the awful pond water stench.

A life with Witch, Cat, Dog and Bird on the magical broom would be paradise for Frog, the perfect place to enjoy a life of clean living and refinement. So when the opportunity arises, he is determined to demonstrate his use and reunite Witch with her trusty wand.