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The Highway Rat

The Highway Rat

Highway Rat Main 5.2 Resized

The Highway Rat is a sweet-toothed, greedy rat who is obsessed with finding his next treat. Concerned only about himself, he is notorious for intimidating the innocent animals in his path, stealing their food and crops, even if he has no use for them.

With never a please or thank you, the rude mannered and selfish Highway Rat continues in his thievery, causing devastation in the local village. The creatures in the community are soon left with nothing, growing thinner and thinner each day. It’s time they fight back and teach the gluttonous Highway Rat a firm lesson.


Horse New 5.2

Once a noble steed of the Highway Rat, Horse is a loyal and supportive companion. Comical yet compassionate, he at first finds the rodent’s ominous actions light-hearted and harmless. However, Horse soon grows tired of Highway Rat’s behaviour and becomes increasingly concerned about the devastation he has caused.

Honourable at heart, Horse joins forces with the other animals and supports their ploy to get rid of the Highway Rat, returning the community back to its thriving heyday.